3-25-2010 Tents Help Bring Comfort to Families

Pictured above is a family who had been without shelter since the January 12th Earthquake. Thanks to your generous Haiti Relief Offerings, we were able to provide them a brand new Coleman tent to help ease some of their suffering.

Thanks to the Lord's provision through your Haiti Relief Offerings, this mother and her handicapped son now have a dry tent to live in when the rain comes. They had been living under make shift tarps on a street in Port-au-Prince. As you can see from the smiles on their faces, they were very happy to receive their new tent!

On Sunday February 14th, Haitian people marched and sang, "Ayiti pou Kris! Kris pou Ayiti!" This translates to: Haiti for Christ! Christ for Haiti!

3-2-10 X-Ray on Liz's mouth / jaw injury was a good Report!

Thanks to God! There doesn't appear to me any broken bones or nerve damage from Liz's fall on Saturday night. Since the swelling was down, the dentist in Santo Domingo went ahead and did a resin re-construction of Liz's two broken teeth. They look wonderful! She still has swelling and pain in her jaw but is feeling better each day. Thanks for your prayers!

2-28-10 Please pray for Liz. She fell getting out of the shower.

Late last night, Saturday, Liz slipped while getting out of the shower at the guest house we are staying at in San Pedro, Dominican Republic. She grabbed for a towel bar as she fell forward but it was plastic and pulled off the wall. She landed on the right side of her face, bit her lip, and broke off two of her front teeth. We visited a dentist today and will go to get X-Rays early tomorrow, Monday morning. Her right eye and cheek are black and blue and the whole right side of her mouth is very sore. She is taking medication and will again visit the dentist tomorrow. Please pray that God would completely heal Liz from her injuries.

One Hope Haiti Conference and Celebration in Pompano February 16th - 22nd

Liz discusses ministry reporting procedures with One Hope's Operations Coordinator, Claudia Cherry in Pomapano, FL. We had a great week of ministry planning with One Hope regional leaders as well as other missionary partners from Haiti.

Purchasing Tents to send to Haiti on February, 25th

Liz along with Lavon and Linda Croskey of Against the Odds raid one of the Target stores in Orlando, Florida looking for Coleman 6 person tents. We visited almost all the Targets in Orlando during our brief stay with the Croskeys. Thanks Linda, Lavon, and Against the Odds partners for your help! Thanks too to all our Living Stone Ministries partners who have helped to provide tents for Haiti! You can tell by the coats it was cold in Orlando!

Delivering the tents to AGAPE Missionary Flights

Thursday, February 25th Liz and I rode with Linda and Lavon to deliver the 33 tents to AGAPE Missionary Flights in Venice, Florida. Several very kind volunteers helped us load the tents on a cart and roll them into the warehouse where they are presently waiting their turn to be shipped. Please pray the tents will ship quickly and pass through customs without any problems. The rainy season has begun in Haiti and many people are without shelter. We would like to say a special thanks to AGAPE Flights staff, volunteers and supporters who have been working and donating funds round the clock providing shipping of relief supplies to Haiti without charge to missionary accounts. Go Agape! Thanks for your help with this project.

2-27-10 Out and Back

From February 16th until the 26th, we were in Florida for a One Hope ministry conference that had been planned since before the January 12th earthquake. Since there were not yet any commercial flights, we drove to the city of San Pedro in the Dominican Republic, left our pickup with a friend, and flew to Ft. Lauderdale from there.

Highlights from Haiti’s 3 days of fasting and prayer.
The 3 days of fasting and prayer that occurred February 12th – 14th were marked with many private and public acts of repentance, thankfulness, and praise. Throughout Haiti, people took to the streets and churches were packed as groups assembled to seek the Lord. Also, for the first time we know of in Haiti’s history, carnival was cancelled. Instead of people running through the streets in drunkenness and sin, thousands marched through the streets in a spirit of praise and prayer to the Lord! In the plaza of Haiti’s national palace, more than 1,000,000 people marked the one month anniversary of the earthquake in a large scale memorial service featuring many national and international speakers along with Haiti’s president Rene Preval.

Highlights of our time in Pompano, FL
We along with other invited Haiti ministry partners spent the days in discussion, planning, fellowship, and prayer at One Hope’s headquarters in Pompano. Highlights included discussing the use of music, the arts, and research tools to better impact children and youth as we prepare for current and future ministry activities.

Also, we participated in a Haiti Relief ministry summit that allowed us to meet and share vision with many humanitarian groups currently looking for ways to improve their ministry effectiveness in Haiti.

Finally, on Monday night, Haiti was featured as the “kick off” country for the annual One Hope Celebration held at the One Hope headquarters in Pompano. We along with Dominican Missionary Miguel Ovalle of the Assemblies of God and Haitian Pastor Clement Joseph of the Haitian Dominican Dialog Group were given the spotlight for about 30 minutes to share about the history of Haiti, current testimony of what God has done in several children’s lives, and how we need to look to the Lord as never before as we work together in the future to provide God’s Word for every Child.

Looking for Tents in Orlando, FL
After the conference, we drove to Orlando to spend three days with our friends and ministry partners Lavon and Lynda Croskey of Against the Odds. The Croskeys underwrite most of the monthly budget for operating the school in Miragoane. They and their partners raised enough funds to purchase 20 six-person tents. So, along with spending time together, we drove all over Orlando with the Croskeys raiding Target stores to purchase additional tents. We were only able to find an additional 13 more at this time to give us a grand total of 33. Then, Friday we drove 2 hours to Venice to personally deliver the tents to Agape Missionary Flights who will hopefully fly the tents to Haiti next week. Thanks also to Omaha, Glad Tidings who sent 25 tents last week that will hopefully be delivered to Haiti in the next few days!

On the Road to get back Home to Haiti
Yesterday, we flew back to the Dominican Republic from Ft. Lauderdale and are planning to return to Haiti this Monday after purchasing supplies.

Praise Reports
1. Commercial Flights are now flying in and out of Haiti!
2. Haiti has been approved to receive an additional 500,000 Books of Hope this year to help with evangelism projects during relief efforts!
3. One Hope sent us back to Haiti with a second complete GodMan video projection system to help us better saturate refugee camps with GodMan showings in the Creole language.
4. Joey is doing very well in Omaha staying with friends and spending time with family. He’s getting good grades in Home School and will hopefully be back with us in Haiti in early March.

Prayer Requests
1. Relief Aid to get into the hands of the people who need it most
2. Shelter for all homeless Haitians before the rainy season begins
3. Earthquake after shocks to come to an end in Haiti
4. Pray for many people who desperately need to process the traumatic events that have taken place in their lives during the past weeks. Pray for counselors to be raised up to help people work through their emotional and spiritual pain.
5. Please pray for president Rene Preval and all of Haiti’s national leaders that God would draw them to Himself and give them wisdom how to lead the Haitian people and proceed in Haiti’s recovery in the fear of the Lord.

2-9-10 Step by Step

Our February Newsletter is on line. This month we shared a spiritual perspective we felt God put on our hearts regarding the recent Mega earthquake that rocked us on January 12th. Also, there's lots of pictures to help you see some of the ministry we've been a part of over the last month. You can click on the above newsletter tab or the following link to get to the page.


We are amazed by the love of God expressed to us and the many people of Haiti who have been devastated by the January 12th earthquake. The presence of the Lord is softening the hearts of people causing them to be open to Him and His ways. Besides church services being packed, there is an upcoming call to 3 days of fasting and prayer beginning this Friday the 12th through Sunday the 14th.

Liz continues to work through the Promess ministry to help connect free UN medications with many clinics operating in tent communities throughout the city. Sometimes this entails several trips per day to the airport with our pickup as well as many hours at Missionary Miguel Ovalle’s house sorting the medications in preparation for delivery.

Dan is working with our national assistant Clement Benoit to coordinate One Hope zone coordinators as they visit tent communities distributing the Book of Hope and showing The GodMan film. He also continues to look for ways to integrate the chlorine generators being offered by Mike Philips of Pure Water with community leaders that can reach masses of people with the water purification solution being produced in small 16 ounce bottles. One 16 ounce bottle can purify 250 gallons of water making it potable for consumption.

Joey is doing very well in the US. He is among good friends and family and getting good grades in Home School. Lord willing, he will return to Haiti the first part of March when the team from Omaha, Glad Tidings comes to minister with us in Haiti.

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray that on-going medical treatment and medications will continue to be made available to people free of charge.
2. Please pray for health care workers and missionaries who are on the front lines of caring for many people with traumatic injuries. Ask God to refresh them in the battle and to send replacements / reinforcements so those that have been working almost non stop for the past month can get a chance to rest.
3. Please pray for tents and other temporary shelters to be made available to all the homeless people of Haiti before the rainy season begins. The rains could begin anytime in the next 30 to 60 days.
4. Please pray for all Haitians to have access to potable water
5. Please pray with us as we fast and pray for Haiti beginning this Friday, February 12th through Sunday the 14th.

Blessings and many thanks!

Camp Petionville Club Book Distribution

Earthquake Recovery Continues 1-29

Don Buxman from Heartline Ministries lifts a little girl off the truck to deliver her back to her home near the airport in Port-au-Prince. The little girl along with all the others on the truck had been given medical attention at Missionary John and Beth McHoul's Heartline Ministries medical clinic. Do to a shortage of drivers, Dan helped drive patients home Sunday and Monday afternoon. Wow! What a great group of missionaries and doctors. These folks have been going full tilt for more than two weeks solid. They go into the highways and byways to look for the wounded who have not received the medical attention they needed. Then, they transport them to and from their clinic or other specialized hospitals depending on the needs of the patient. To get a better idea of the intensity many care givers have been experiencing over these past weeks, take a look at John McHoul's blog at: http://jmchoul.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!F04579021E6249A3!904.entry

Dan's new missionary friend Mike Philips (left) teaches Pastor Astrel Vincent of City Soley and several of his key leaders how to use a chlorine generator provided by Hays Pure Water for All. Dan met Mike at Missionary John McHoul's orphanage while assisting with driving medical patients back to their homes after receiving medical care. Mike shared with Dan how his ministry was providing a simple water purification machine which could produce a powerful concentrate from salt water and could easily treat water to make it drinkable for 5000 people per day.

Ronald, Pastor Astrel Vincent's Water Manager prepares to treat a 300 gallon water tank with a very special concentrated solution of chorine, hydrogen peroxide and ozone. The solution was prepared in one of the many chorine generators being given to Haiti by Hays Pure Water for All foundation. You can learn more about this incredible water ministry tool at: http://www.hayspurewaterforallfoundation.com/
Dr. Luidgi's assistant who also accepted the Lord Jesus as his personal savior when Dr. Isaac shared the gospel with the two Haitian men on Thursday.
Dr. Luidgi (left) and Dr. Isaac pictured together after Dr. Isaac led Dr. Luidgi to the Lord. The following is the testimony from Liz: I am so excited to let you know, that Dr. Larco Luidgi accepted the Lord yesterday. On Sunday, we visited Dr. Luidgi with a group of 6 volunteers from Brooklyn Tabernacle, which four of the volunteers were Haitian. One of the Haitian men shared the gospel with Dr. Larco Luidgi. Monday, two volunteers from the Dominican Republic and I delivered the Medications to Dr. Luidgi. Yesterday, I visited him with two volunteers from the DR. One of the volunteers is a Doctor from the DR. The Doctor from the DR said to me on Monday, "I feel that I need to talk to Dr. Luidgi about the Lord." Yesterday, we visited Dr. Luidgi to deliver more medications that the Team from Brooklyn Tabernacle had donated to him. When we arrived, Dr. Luidgi asked me, "where is the Haitian man that spoke to me on Sunday? I need to continue our conversation." I (Liz) said, "he's not here, but Dr. Isaac is here and he would love to talk to you." Dr. Isaac from the DR shared the Gospel with Dr. Luidgi and his assistant and both of them accepted the Lord. We told Dr. Luidgi that we would bring him a Bible, and Dr. Luidgi said to me, "Please don't forget the Bible, I need the Bible more than the medication you will bring me." Praise the Lord Dr. Luidgi and his assistant are hungry to learn more about the Lord!

A Hatian doctor by the name of Luigi attends one of his many daily patients at the Camp Petionville Club.

Dr. Issac from the Dominican Republic and one of the Haitian doctors work on a little girl's foot at the Camp Petionville Club Medical Clinic.
Many of you who have visited us in Haiti have ministered with missionary Elsie Lherrison. Elsie is pictured standing in front of her collapsed apartment building several days after the earthquake. She and her daughter Stephanie were miraculously protected by the Lord and were able to crawl out of the wreckage with only very minor wounds. Praise the Lord!
Elisie Lherrison's daugther's bedroom after the earthquake destroyed their building and they narrowly escaped.
Every day the ladies at Camp Petionville Club line up to recieve food and water distribution for their families. The US Military runs the distribution and uses a number system to keep order.

This cute little boy was rescued from a house that collapsed across the street from our house. He and his mother were rescued with only minor injuries.
Liz visited our neighbors with some rice packets from Feed My Starving Children as well as some other food items all supplied by Convoy of Hope. Our neighbors were very happy to receive the blessing. Thanks Convoy of Hope and Feed My Starving Children!

1-23 Invading Camp Petionville Club Tent by Tent

Amazing! That's all I could say Thursday the 21st as I arrived and began to walk around the normally prestigious Petionville Golf Course which has now become the home of nearly 20,000 refugees. These are people that have partially or completely lost their homes and are still in fear of returning to live inside a concrete house. The US military has set up a command post and is flying in food, water, and medical supplies. So.....we and our One Hope partners figured that if the US Army had everything needed to feed the hungry bodies of the camp, then it was up to us, God's Army, to feed their souls with spiritual food. We decided to do this by going tent to tent utilizing 24 Haitian national volunteers and giving every man, woman, and child in the camp a copy of the "Book of Hope." The experience was absolutely positive. Not only did adults and children gladly receive the books, many, many of them took time to open their book and begin to read and interact with the matieral. That night, we showed the GodMan film in the recently released Creole version to more than 500 children and adults. Numerous children were open to hear the salvation message that One Hope Zone Coordinator Moise Medor delivered at the end of the film as he gave them a chance to pray to ask Jesus to become their best friend, forgive them of their sins, and come live in their hearts. Now.....without swinging a club, wouldn't you say that was a great day at the golf course?

1-23 Family Reading Time at Camp Petionville Club

This lady and her children spent time together reading the Story Edition Book of Hope in Creole. It features many pictures and only a few words so that illiterates and preliterate children can learn about the story of Jesus through interacting with very simple but compelling pictures and story lines. Many people living in this sprawling tent community have lost everything they own and therfore don't have a lot to do for entertainment. We believe this time of difficulty and uncertanity is helping to open their minds and hearts to read God's Word and consider the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Hurray! Our Ministry Partners are all OK!

We have more than a dozen partners working as One Hope Zone Coordinators. Up until yesterday we still had not heard from all of them. Then, finally the phone call we'd been hoping for. Everyone accounted for! Praise the Lord! On Monday, 1-18, several of our partners and family members came to us to receive water and food. Some were dehydrated and feeling very hungry. All were thankful to be alive.

Picture Highlights from Week One of Earthquake Relief

Some of you would remember our first apartment in Haiti. This is the building we lived in from 2002 to 2004. The side opposite our old apartment collapsed into the street below. Thank you God for moving us out of there 5 years ago!

Liz and I have been amazed how God has spared so many of our friends and ministry partners. However, not everyone we know has survived. Nine year old Murielle perished when a neighbor's house collapsed on her's the evening of the earthquake. You will recall Murielle survived nearly being crushed to death when the shool she attended in her neighborhood of Nerette collapsed on her and her school mates in late 2008. Murielle is pictured here the day she received a Book of Hope over a year ago. Many of you may recall praying for her to recover from injuries sustained from badly crushed legs. For more on processing this difficult loss, please read the post below.

On Sunday, 1-17, a medical team from Mission of Hope began hosting a clinic at Quisqueya Chapel. Doctors and nurses gave excellent care to young and old alike. Along with the clinic, Convoy of Hope began distributing food and we began distributing the Book of Hope.

This man was treated for leg wounds at the Quisqueya Chapel medical Clinic on Sunday, 1-17.

On Sunday, 1-17 we began complimenting Convoy of Hope food distributions with the Book of Hope. As people were allowed on the campus of Quisqueya, Chapel in groups of 10, they were quickly led to a team of volunteer church members who encouraged them, prayed for them, and gave each person in the group a copy of the Book of Hope before sending them through the food line.

This Mother and her children arrive to receive their packets of food at the Convoy of Hope Food Distribution Center after having received prayer and copies of the Book of Hope.

This mother and all the beautiful children with her left the Convoy of Hope Food Distribution center having received prayer, Books of Hope, and packets of rice meals from Feed My Starving Children. As you can see from their smiles, they look very happy!

These many babies from His Home Orphanage have been sleeping outside everynight at Quisqueya Chapel. One of the positives taking place out of this terrible earthquake tragedy is that the US is now making it very easy to get adoptions finalized. They are cutting through all the red tape. Haiti's government is almost completely disfunctional at this time so the US has taken over many responsibilites. We expect many adopted children to be able to join their adopting families very, very soon. Some have been waiting years to receive their children. Please pray for Hal and Chris Nunguster the orphanage directors as they work to facilitate the evacuation of their approximately 70 children.

Missionary Dee Dee Schmolz holds 4 year old baby Sandy while "His Hands" orphanage director Chris Nunguster and Missionary Pastor Karl Olson pray for their safe trip to the US where baby Sandy is scheduled to have surgery for a shunt placement in Ohio. Dee Dee escorted not only baby Sandy but our 10 year old son Joey all the way to Ft. Pierce, FL where our friends Lavon and Lynda Croskey picked everyone up at the airport.

Family Photo Monday morning 1-18 before taking Joey to the airport to fly to Ft. Pierce, FL with Missionary Dee Dee Schmolz and baby Sandy. Joey was met by Lavon and Lynda Croskey, driven to Orlando and then the next day put on a plane to Omaha, NE. He started Home School again today, Wednesday, 1-20 at the home of Gene and Ilainya Foral.

1/20/10 Standing firm because of the strength of Christ in our Hearts. (Isa. 7:9b)

Thanks for your continued prayers and words of encouragement. We are blown away by God’s love expressed to us through His presence in our Hearts and His love expressed through so many of you! We woke up to a tiny (Ha Ha!) 6.0 quake this morning. To us, it seemed like nothing compared to the 7.3, however it made me get out of bed quickly and run outside to join Liz who was already up walking the Dog. We are slowly learning to estimate the quake intensity in real time. Hey, who needs a Richter scale? Anyway, It’s not really my dream to have a lot of experience at this. Joey arrived in Omaha and was met by his cousin James, Aunt Suzanne, the Foral family and Linda Sedjro. Thanks for making him feel so welcome! Joey is back in home school with his friend Tim at the Foral’s house in Omaha. Liz and I thank God for opening the door for Joey to begin having some sense of normalcy back home. We believe this will be a great time of personal growth for him even though we already miss him a whole bunch!

Spiritual Perspective: Ps 75:2-3
You say, "I choose the appointed time;
it is I who judge uprightly.
3 When the earth and all its people quake,
it is I who hold its pillars firm. NIV

We’ve been challenged in our hearts by the above scripture the Lord first impressed upon Liz. We know at all times we are always one breath or one big shake from facing our creator face to face. This is true for all of us in or out of Haiti at all times. Converted born again believers as well as for those outside of Christ many who may go to Church but show no evidence of Christ’s Lordship in their lives. So, on the one hand, we have been reminded that God himself could take us out at any moment He chooses. On the other hand however, we know that as long as he keeps our pillars firm, he has important things He wants to accomplish in and through us all for His Glory.

Book of Hope hooks up with a Convoy of Hope food distribution

On Sunday, Convoy of Hope rolled into Quisqueya Chapel and set up food distribution lines. Groups of 10 were allowed to enter the back gate of the chapel and were escorted to the distribution area on campus. Before receiving meal packages consisting of highly nutritious rice manufactured by Feed my starving Children, they were met by a small groups of Haitian nationals made up of volunteers mostly from the Chapel’s congregation. The groups of families from the community were given encouraging words and were prayed for by the volunteers. Also, each person in the group received a copy of the Book of Hope. The atmosphere was charged with the peace and presence of God as this mixed group of internationals and locals worked together to comfort hungry hurting people.

Update on our Ministry Partners / Friends

Praise the Lord! All our One Hope ministry partners from the Living Stone Ministries network are alive and well. Only one had an injury to his toe. Edson lost a significant amount of flesh to one of his big toes as he and his family escaped their collapsing house. However, he is being treated regularly and is at this moment in line at the Quisqueya Chapel medical clinic to receive follow up care. Pastor Romain lost his father. He died as a hero while praying for others in his neighborhood. Our group took a little time to mourn with Pastor Romain over the loss of his Father. One of the most difficult things for him to process was the need for his father to be quickly buried in a mass grave. Finally, Ghislaine who works with us in our house lost a sister and several nieces and nephews who were working or living downtown the day of the disaster. Please pray for God’s continued comfort for Pastor Romain, Ghislaine, and their families as they process these difficult losses in the midst of great crisis. On a very disappointing note, we learned that Murielle, the little girl who survived the Nerette school collapse in late 2008 died in the earthquake. You will recall praying for her to be able to walk again and go to school without fear. That, she accomplished. We also saw great evidence of her having a personal relationship with Jesus. We believe we will one day see her in heaven with her glorified body. Here is a scripture that has brought us great comfort as we consider the age old question of “why do bad things happen to innocent people.” I don’t want to attempt to say this is the only answer, but one that God has encouraged us with from His Word. We pray it will encourage you as well.

Isa 57:1-2
The righteous perish,
and no one ponders it in his heart;
devout men are taken away,
and no one understands
that the righteous are taken away
to be spared from evil.
2 Those who walk uprightly
enter into peace;
they find rest as they lie in death.

We are checking on the status of Murielle’s family and will do the best we can to minister to them when they are found. Please pray for the countless thousands who have lost loved ones in the earthquake crisis.

Close Calls
Many of our friends and ministry partners experiences very close calls. Elsie Lherison had just stepped out of the shower when he apartment collapsed on her and her daughter. God protected them from the ceiling utilizing a very tall and well constructed head and foot board on Elsie’s bed. She and Stephanie were able to crawl to safety. One Hope Coordinator Jean Josmy Delmas was entering the house he was staying at with the key in the door when the earthquake struck. The house totally collapsed. He received only a minor laceration on his arm. Praise the Lord for His protection!

Acts of Heroism
I guess none of us knows what is in us until we have to face things we could never dream of. Some stories that touched us the most were learning of how certain people quickly responded to help in what seemed impossible situations. One of the large supermarkets frequently visited by almost every foreign missionary collapsed and killed or trapped may inside. There was a group of young single American teachers living on campus at Quisqueya Christian School who ran up the street to help dig out the living, the dead, and horrifically injured people in the rubble. They worked until 5:30 AM the next morning. Also, many of you know Ruben Marcellus as one of our main ministry helpers. He is a One Hope Coordinator and also acts as an interpreter for most of our teams. Ruben was visiting the Church on the Rock Bible School with a friend of his when the earthquake hit. He had just stepped out of the school, the quake hit, and suddenly behind him lay more than 70 Bible School students including his good friend buried in rubble. All those who escaped, including spiritual leaders tried to keep Ruben from going back inside. They said, “it’s too dangerous, the whole thing could come down on you.” But Ruben said, “Yes, but there are people inside who need help.” So, Ruben ran inside and saw many trapped by large chunks of concrete and debris too large to move by hand. He knew he needed a sledge hammer so he went out to the street to look for one. He saw a man trying to free his dead wife from the rubble with just the tool he needed to break through the concrete. He asked the man for it, he refused. Ruben pointed out that his wife was dead but their was still a chance to save people that were alive. The man, obviously in shock, again refused to share the tool and continued to work to free the cadaver. So, Ruben made a split second decision to fight the man for the hammer. After gaining control of the hammer, he ran back inside the school to begin digging out people. Amidst their pleas for help he began to free them one by one. Thanks to God, he was able to free 12 of the students and walk them to safety including his friend he had arrived with that day. The other 50 – 60 Bible School Students perished and the next day were removed from the rubble.

Day to Day since Monday

Monday, 1/18 we invited our ministry partners living in the city to try to get to our office in the middle of the city. Several came. They were very thirsty and hungry. We helped them rehydrate and provided bags of food and water provided by Convoy of Hope and the Assemblies of God so they could return to their families and neighborhoods with something to share. We also relocated Edson’s family to live with other family members in another area of the city who had not lost their house.

Tuesday, 1/19 we went to the Bible Society with a large truck to bring a shipment of books to our warehouse on Delmas. These will be used to compliment humanitarian aid distributions and medical clinics as well as other forms of community evangelism taking place throughout the city or Port-au-Prince. Thanks to God,we were able to provide those that helped with some Convoy of Hope food to take home to their families. Also, we were finally able to purchase diesel fuel again after several failed attempts. This included a 10 gallon tank for our friends Dave and Ann Farquarson who were completely out of fuel for their home generator. In exchange for the delivery, Ann provided us with a loaf of home baked bread and some whole wheat flour. Liz and I hadn’t had much bread in the last few days. We ate it last night with great joy and thankfulness in our hearts!

Wednesday, 1/20 we are planning to meet a small team at the airport to receive some cash for Elsie Lherrison’s ministry and deliver that to her. Also, I have invited my English Bible Study group to meet at our office at 3:00 to pray and prepare for a large scale community Book of Hope Distribution and GodMan showing near our neighborhood. Lord willing, this will take place just before dark in Delmas 48 which is the area Petit and Moise live and evangelize. There are currently about 20,000 refugees camping out on the Petionville Club’s golf course. There are at least 4,000 children. The plan is to walk throughout the area giving out books to everyone living in the community while inviting people to come see the GodMan movie. We will hopefully utilize dozens of young people along with some international volunteers to visit families in a tent to tent visitation.
The US military has made this community one of it’s zones for food and water distribution as well as medical clinics. We are very proud of Petit and Moise as they and other English speaking Haitians are volunteering as interpreters between the Marines and the people.

Current Prayer Requests
1. Please ask God to bring a halt to the earthquakes in Haiti.
2. Comfort, physical, and spiritual healing to all surviving victims.
3. Immediate food, water, and shelter for all people in Haiti.
3. Oganization amidst the vast amounts of Emergency aid groups as they work together to meet the needs of the people of Haiti.
4. Joey as he transitions into life and going back to home school in Omaha, NE
5. Please pray for the many orphans who will hopefully soon begin being evacuated from Haiti. In particular, more than 70 from Hal and Chris Nunguster’s orphanage. Ask God to help them with the logistics of this.
6. Little 4 year old Sandy who was evacuated with Joey a couple of days ago as she heads towards Ohio to receive surgery for a shunt in her head.
7. Liz and I as we work together day by day with our many missionary colleagues and national partners to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in everything we do.

We love and appreciate you so much! Thanks for your prayers, encouragement, and support! Hope to upload some pictures soon. Love, Dan & Liz


Today, we went to the city early to meet with a group of international leaders from the A/G and Convoy of Hope. We began to discuss ways we could utilize the Book of Hope to compliment some of the many food distributions and medical clinics they would begin hosting today. The atmosphere was highly charged with urgency, desire, and a beautiful sense of unity that was incredibly energizing. Lord willing, tomorrow we will begin including a Book of Hope with each bag of food distribution. If all goes well, we will be doing this daily over the next several weeks. Thank you God for the open door to share the gospel through humanitarian aid!


When the earthquake struck, we only had 1/4 tank of diesel in our truck. So, by Friday we were running on fumes because the gas stations were only opening for a short time each day and the lines were very long. Dan went out early Friday morning to wait in line at a gas station hoping to get enough diesel for the truck and our house generator so we would be able to go out and help in the city again. However, after more than 5 hours of waiting in line, just as Dan was getting to the pump, they ran out of diesel. So, Dan returned home with an even more empty fuel tank and no idea how, when, or where he would be able to find fuel again in the near future. We were very disappointed and discouraged to the point of being angry with one another. The stress, shock, and fatigue of the initial days of the crisis were starting to affect us. After humbling ourselves before one another and asking each other's forgiveness, we then committed the problem to the Lord and asked Him to make a way where there seemed no way. Liz also posted a prayer request on facebook asking for prayer that we find fuel. Oh what an answer! That night, one of the international Spanish families working for Coca Cola informed us that they were being evacuated to the Dominican Republic for a few weeks and they had a 15 gallon drum of diesel they would like to give us! We were so thankful for this generous gift that enabled us to not only fill our truck tank full but also our house generator as well. This allowed us to begin to plan for what would be a very positive Saturday.


Greetings from Haiti. We spent Tuesday night sleeping outside our house in our car. Wanted to be sure their were no dangerous aftershocks. There have been some aftershocks, but none too intense. We spent all day Wednesday in the city checking on ministry partners, helping injured people get to a medical clinic, and actually volunteering at the same missionary medical clinic we had delivered the injured. We were driving around the city until almost midnight trying to get treated people back near their homes and neighborhoods.

I don't think I need to describe the devastation in much detail because by now you've probably read some of the news reports and seen the many pictures. We have accounted for many of our ministry partners but not all of them. We will send you more details later. In the mean time, many have asked how they could contribute to help with efforts. Donations can be sent either through our Website via PayPal or through our home office. Both methods are described on the "donate" page.

Please earmark checks and PayPal donations as: "Haiti Earthquake Relief." Thanks for your many prayers and words of encouragement!


We drove through the city looking for ministry partners and their family members. The sight of collapsed buildings, body bags, and displaced people was overwhelming. We first found Petit and Moise in their neighborhood. We were so happy that they were alive and well! However, Petit's little brother had incurred some serious injuries when a house collapsed on him. We quickly put him in our truck to take him to a clinic being hosted by our friends Bill and Susette Manaserro. On the way, we picked up another badly injured young man sitting by the side of the road with his father. Arriving to the clinic, there was a wonderful mixed group of short term missionary doctors, nurses, and volunteer American team members along with Haitian doctors, nurses, and medical students several of whom lived in the neighborhood. Wow!!! Talk about unity in diversity. God's presence was there as this group labored quickly, intensely, but in the peace of God to try to take care of traumatized, seriously injured patients who needed much more care than could possibly be given in this type of setting. Deep head wounds, smashed body parts needing amputation, many eyes badly damaged. Of course, many broken or dislocated bones and other lacerations. I've never seen anything like it. I've never seen so much blood and carnage. For the first time in my life, I nearly fainted while assisting with a surgery. I was amazed at how God worked through this very tired but dedicated team that is basically continuing 24/7 as long as they have medical supplies. After taking the first two treated victims back to their neighborhoods early afternoon, we picked up three more injured people. By the time we finished taking everyone home at the end of the day it was almost midnight. We returned to our house, showered, and slept in our house in our own beds that night.