Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,
Greetings from Haiti. We enjoyed fellowship and ministry with a great group of young people made up of friends from Oklahoma and Florida. The team was led by Fran OBrien (top left) who has had much experience leading International One Hope teams. The moment the team hit the ground, we drove them to join a Haitian “Book of Hope” team that was beginning a focussed effort to reach Kafou.

Attacking the neighborhood of Kafou with God’s Word
One of the most densely populated areas of Haiti lies at the southern edge of Port-au- Prince close to the epicenter of the 2010 earthquake. Hard hit but back on track, public and private schools are open and willing to receive Christian literature and personal testimonies about Jesus Christ. From now until the end of the school year, several of our ministry partners have begun a focussed campaign to saturate Kafou block by block with the “Book of Hope.” Keeley (above left) ministers to a primary school student through Interpreter Jerry. Next, Keeley’s brother Isaac explains the “Book of Hope” to all the students (above right).

Haitian Nationals and Americans worked side by side. Moise explains the book in one class (below left). Joey and Corbin give books to a different class in the same school (below right).

A Smile Shares God’s Love
Marguais (top 2 pictures) is a young Haitian man gifted with a smile that naturally communicates the love of God. When he enters a classroom, genuine warmth and joy gleam through his smile and help open a door to the souls of children allowing Marguais to share God’s message of love as found in the “Book of Hope.”

Training Kids Workers to Use Soccer for Evangelism
One of the challenges of long term missions in Haiti is trying to find ways short term teams can empower Haitians to engage in ministry that will continue long after the team returns home. Therefore, we were excited when our missionary friend Ann Farquharson invited Fran’s team to train children’s workers how to use Soccer as an evangelism tool at Pastor Reginald’s church plant in the mountain community of Belot.

Fran (above left) talks to children’s workers about integrating Biblical principles into soccer. Mitch and Keeley (above right) explain how to use the 5 colors of the J-316 soccer ball to tell the story of God’s love. Edwin (below left) assists in teaching the workers soccer skills.

After training the workers, it was their turn to do a clinic with the children. (below right)

More from the Belot Soccer Training Seminar...
To reinforce the lesson taught using the 5 colors of the gospel as presented on the J-316 ball, the Haitian Children’s Workers lined the children up and quizzed them over and over on the meaning of the colors. After answering a question, each child got a chance to shoot the soccer ball at the goal. (above and below left) Soccer Evangelism usually gives participants, teachers and trainers both spiritual and natural thirst. Therefore, it is always important to schedule a juice break! (below middle and right)

A Long Awaited Home Coming...
After more than 4 years of red tape and patient endurance, our good friends Jarman and Mary Esperance were finally able to receive their adopted children Manoucheka (8) and Daniel (6). Praise the Lord! The two special ones are pictured together and with their orphanage care givers and Mary. (above) Also, with us and the Croskeys (below left). Finally alone with Mom, (below right) they were very excited to fly to Florida to meet up with Dad and fly together to their new home in Chicago. The Esperances were the first missionary couple that invited us to work with them in Haiti in 2002. They returned to the States in 2004 and now pastor a Haitian church in Chicago. They also continue to help support the church and school Jarman’s father founded in Miragoane, Haiti. We are over joyed!!!

A Visit to Miragoane & Joey Completes 6th Grade...
Accompanying Mary as she came to receive her children, Lavon and Lynda Croskey of “Against the Odds” also brought their friend and board member Linda Jeune. (above left) The team distributed bags of pasta to the students and had special gifts for the teachers. (above left and center) Joey’s last day of 6th grade. Yeah!!! (right)

Your are special to us and very important to the work of the Lord in Haiti! Thank you for your prayers and participation that help make it possible for us to serve here.

In the Love of Jesus,
Dan, Liz & Joey

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