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There are many Spanish Speaking Internationals living and working in Haiti. Some are working with International organizations or under contracts in the business community. Often times, a Spanish speaking man from Central or South America will accept a contract in Haiti and bring his family. Since Haiti is a French speaking country, it is difficult for the wives of these men to find fellowship in their native tongue. Also, there are not presently any churches reaching out to Spanish speakers.

When Liz met her friend Yorleny in early 2003, they immediately became close friends. Yorleny was a Costa Rican who had come to Haiti with her husband after he had accepted a contract with World Vision. Besides their Latin American Heritage, they also shared a great love for Jesus and began feeling His calling for them to reach out to their Spanish speaking friends who had not yet made Jesus Lord. At the prompting of the Holy Spirit, and the spiritual hunger of one of the ladies Liz had recently led to the Lord, they began the Spanish Ladies Home Bible Study Group.

Over the past 5 years, many Spanish Catholic ladies have come to the Bible Study and learned how they could have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ without having to change their church affiliation. By keeping the emphasis on the person of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, ladies have received spiritual liberty and new found love and commitment for God and His kingdom work. As most of the lady's husbands come to Haiti on short term assignments, few are able to stay in the group for more than a few years. However, upon leaving Haiti, these ladies are returning to their home countries or moving on to new international assignments transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit and prepared to embrace their new place of ministry wherever they are sent.