Dan is originally from Omaha, Nebraska and came to know Christ in 1991 at the age of 28 years old while attending an Amway convention in Ames Iowa. He had thought that starting a business and making more money would help fill the emptiness of his personal life. Instead, he found eternal treasure in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and in his new found joy began attending Glad Tidings Assemblies of God Church. Shortly thereafter, Dan felt God speak to his heart about beginning to prepare for full time ministry. He responded to this call by volunteering to serve in various ministries throughout his home Church, participating in several short term mission trips, and enrolling in a correspondence Bible school sponsored by Glad Tidings. In 1995, Dan was introduced to Liz by his pastor and in early 1997 Dan and Liz began a courtship which led to marriage in October of that same year. Both Dan and Liz were on staff at Glad Tidings Church in Omaha, NE up until the day God called them to go to Haiti as missionaries. Dan was the Facility Manager and Liz was the Church Book Keeper.

Liz is originally from Panama City, Panama and immigrated to Brooklyn, New York when she was 19 years old. After living briefly with family members, she soon found a good job, her own apartment, and lots of friends and parties. One night, while alone in her apartment and feeling very depressed, she began watching evangelist Oral Roberts on television and accepted Jesus Christ as her personal savior. Three years later, after visiting many churches, she was invited by a friend to attend the Brooklyn Tabernacle which soon became her home Church. Like Dan, Liz felt a call to begin preparing for full time ministry and began serving throughout her home Church. Also, in the early nineties, she attended two years of Bible School at Zion Bible College until God called her through a dream to accept a 6 month short term missionary position to an Orphanage in Haiti. Since Liz was a native Spanish speaker, she was quite surprised and initially disappointed that God would send her to a French speaking country like Haiti instead of a Spanish speaking country. However, after that first assignment in Haiti, Liz felt in her heart she would one day return to Haiti even after accepting several short term missionary assignments in Spanish speaking countries.

How Dan and Liz met and married
It was at the end of a short term missionary assignment to Peru in 1995 that God sent Liz to Omaha, Nebraska at the request of her pastor, Jim Cymbala. Liz’s friend Chrissy Toledo was not only the daughter of Liz’s pastor, she was also the wife of Dan’s pastor, Al Toledo. The Toledo’s had recently accepted the position of senior pastor at Omaha Glad Tidings when Chrissy became pregnant with their youngest son, Tommy. Liz gladly responded to her pastor’s request and moved to Omaha not knowing that the guy who would be sent to pick her and the children up for her first day at Church in Omaha would one day become her husband. Although they did not immediately fall in love, Liz first felt attracted to Dan one night when he gave her a ride to a singles home fellowship Christmas party. Liz especially liked that Dan thoughtfully provided an extra gift for her to use for that night’s gift exchange. Dan was first attracted to Liz’s love for God and her beautiful smile. Dan and Liz each felt God speak to their hearts that they were supposed to marry one another. Therefore, after one month of dating, they became engaged and married 7 months later in October of 1997.

Joey was born in 1999. Today he is 9 years old and has lived in Haiti most of the time since he was 2 years old. He is currently enrolled in the A Beka 4th grade Home School curriculum. At age 5, Joey first accepted the Lord Jesus as his personal savior while reading a devotional one morning with his Mom. Since then, he has also told his parents that he feels God might be calling him to one day go to Africa as a Missionary. Joey loves to play with his friends, swim, ride his skate board, shoot his pellet gun, play with his dog, and play super hero video games.