Living Stone’s primary project is a partnership with “Book of Hope International.”  The “Book of Hope” is a scripture portion of the Gospels put together as a high impact magazine designed to reach children and youth with an age-specific message of hope and salvation through teaching them how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Book of Hope provides the books in French and Creole while Living Stone Ministries provides training to Haitian National Church partners as well as overseeing much of the work throughout Haiti. 

Along with books for literate children and youth, there is also a book designed for illiterates as well as an animated video version of the book called “The God Man.”  Lord willing, the Carl’s hope their National Partners will be able to give one book to each of Haiti’s 4,000,000 children before the end of 2012.  For more information about Book of Hope, please visit:  www.bookofhope.net.

Also, Liz hosts a Ladies Bible Study in Spanish once a week.  This group reaches out to the wives of International Men from Latin American countries who are working in Haiti with various international organizations or embassies.